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Given that condoms and the pill make the historic punishment for being a woman who has sex (pregnancy and disease) less likely, I guess the universe had to come up with something else for us to worry about. Have you ever noticed how women who have lots of sex with one partner don’t get told their vaginas are getting looser?

It’s apparently only by having sex with multiple partners that you can do yourself any damage.

Something called the ‘husband stitch’ sits somewhere between urban legend and reality – a practice where doctors would stitch up a woman’s vagina after tearing or an episiotomy during child birth.

The extra stitch was supposed to make the entrance to a woman’s vagina tighter, making sex more pleasurable for the man and atoning for the woman’s selfish childbirth stretch.

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‘I was so scared before we had sex after I had my son’ said Claire, 37.

However, journalists can publish secret recordings without a legal backlash, provided they can prove the released recording is in the public interest.

While conversations between individuals aren't really regulated, there are laws in place to stop business recording conversations.

‘I wasn’t able to enjoy it at all, I just wanted to know that I wasn’t ruined down there.

My husband insisted everything was fine, that it felt the same as before, but I cried afterwards anyway.’ Expressions like ‘throwing a sausage down a corridor’ might seem funny, but they contribute to a wider sense that a woman can be ruined, rendered sexually useless, if her vagina isn’t super tight.

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