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Rupert Medeiros, from London, said: "Round trip of 200 Miles to see an idol of the Eighties in Yeovil ..

" Samantha Easter from Somerset posted: "Not the most exciting gig @adamaofficial at Westland, Yeovil".

Reviewer Emma Slee, editor of the Western Gazette newspaper, wrote: "He spent a great deal of time talking to the crowd about his two acrimonious divorces and his mistrust of women - plus how badly treated he felt he had been by the music industry and the press.

Adam Ant greets me at the door of his west London office in black slippers, tight black trousers, a puffed up 18th-century-style navy blue shirt, dandyish velvet double-breasted waistcoat and red, patterned headscarf.“I’m a great believer in dressing up to go to work,” he says.

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