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Shakespeare hates deceit—he knows men lie, but he knows women wheedle. She's Rosa Parks, who wouldn't give up that seat on the bus to a white man.She's Hillary Clinton, who won't be bullied out of her feminism.Editor’s note – Warning, this post may be best read away from your office computer (NSFW).Emoji may be universal, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to understand. And when it comes to dirty talk, getting your aubergines, melons and peaches muddled, could easily lead to an unexpected (or worse, undesired) encounter.Cordelia's ugly sisters, Goneril and Regan, are hyenas in lipstick.

Tuesday evening, The Quintessential Gentlemen was invited to attend the extravagant launch party for the new multi-purpose dating app HOO!No one should feel afraid of a little emoji flirtation, so we broke down the basics for our first Great British Guide to Emoji dating.Remember, this is a guide – you can and should experiment with your sex-moji just like you do in the bedroom (we hope).If you want to be the heroine of your own life, try Shakespeare.His women find themselves in situations that challenge us all—here and now—and whether they live or die, thrive or flounder, their stories are still our stories. It's a tragedy of feuding families, the threat of forced marriage, elopement, and death. But if you are a modern young woman looking for her Romeo, the lesson is clear: Don't ruin your life for a guy you barely know—no matter how sexy he is. He's an excitable toy boy who'd believe anything he reads on Web MD—and when he thinks Juliet is actually dead, he panics and kills himself. Helena wins the odious Bertram in a bed trick (the professional philanderer thought he was sleeping with someone else), but do we really believe her long-suffering love—and, let's face it, desperate methods—will bring her any happiness? Her ambitions—all the companies she didn't run, all the promotions she didn't get—are projected onto him.

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