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We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.Would we smash even though we know his tiny inventor wang has been up in there?Maybe if we got some hardcore cleaner and went to work... This woman is effing hot, and if her fantastical off-set robot personality is anything like her real-life sex machine, you're looking at one of the most awesome robot-love situations of all time here folks.When Kelly Le Brock popped out of that closet, we were all psyched—robot titties! Terminator (and it's shitty spinoffs) have this whole robot thing down. It's not like they're gonna have robot penis for the ladies. Hey engineers in the year 2050: just make hot robot chicks, OK? Granted, if we were stuck on a floating space craft and Jason was going after us we'd do our last rights with the blonde chick, but she's not a robot, and that wouldn't make any sense in this post.And then we realized that it was 1985, we were 3 years old, and John Hughes didn't put nudity in his movies. Wait, is she a robot or a real girl or a hologram or just CGI? This thing kind of makes us laugh, and the thought of having sex with it seems painful—bang bang clunk clunk.- No crappy old phone camera pics or grainy videos that aren't worth your time viewing ..The logo for ATK Galleria is ' home of the girl next door' , which sums it up pretty well.

Even robot "prostitutes'' that would not pass on diseases such as HIV could make an appearance." Sounds good to us.You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.Many similar sites have lots of amateur home videos that are extremely poor quality.Obviously, amateur videos aren't going to be pro-standard, but this gets rid of the total junk.

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