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This recipe won’t take you more than 10 minutes to prepare but it will impress your date.

The mixture of flavours together with its strong visual colours will make of this breakfast the best way to catch the heart of your partner! Then dip the bread into the liquid and let it soak for 1-2 mins.

The artist took photos of three different dildos against various backgrounds and the locations she chose for this series were busy quarters of her native NYC.

is Ekue’s another well-known project, an ongoing male nude photography series.

Also, her body of work features roughly equal amounts of color and black & white photography.

Ekue’s work represents a creative homage to masculinity, sexuality in general, and the concepts of positive body image and self-acceptance.

Women feel she is like a close girl friend, caring about them, building up their self-esteem and helping them to attract and create the wonderful romantic relationship they desire.

Connect with April at Google : April is noted for her warmth, her compassion, and her audacious sense of humor which she brings to her coaching, relationship workshops and products.

Her first solo exhibition under the name in New York City, in 2009.

All the images featured in this exhibit were taken with a phone camera, which emphasizes the artist’s concepts instead of the technical properties.

Singles Relationship Coach and Dating Expert, April Braswell, has been sought after and advising men and women about dating, relationship coaching, and intimate love since 2002 after walking alongside her late husband through his battle with cancer.

Having lived out marital commitment herself and inspiring singles and couples alike with their intimacy and courage, she knew her calling once widowed was to foster truly intimate relationships and encourage and strengthen marriages.

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