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Perhaps you've heard of the internet dating service called Plenty of Fish?

The Plimpy is a small round fish with two legs ending in webbed feet. The Plimpy is not dangerous, but will nibble on the feet and clothing of unsuspecting swimmers.

Merpeople consider the Plimpy to be a pest, and they deal with it by tying its legs into a knot and letting it drift away.

This is an item you can't dodge when you choose to desanimalize so as to humanize yourself.

Destiny is life chosen against existence which is life endured. Nowadays most of humans' existence is a stereotype, that of animals capable of thinking indeed, but blind to the destiny of deliberate self-re-creation, which cannot be but spiritual.

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These include whether or not you have a car (usually helpful in dating), if you have children, if you want children, whether you smoke, do drugs and how often you drink.

This helps other members find you based on their preferences!

Markus wanted to make this a free dating website and in order to do so he needed it to generate enough revenue to pay for itself.

To do this he implemented Google Adsense ads on his site and due to the high level of traffic the site enjoyed, it quickly started producing nice-sized checks for Markus, to the tune of millions of dollars a year.

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