Oneline dating for red heads dating site in canada and usa

The rarest natural hair color in the entire world is red.

So, I thought I’d share with you what is like for a me to online date.

Sometimes guys find redheaded women intimidating, which I’ve been told many times.

You’ll also be asked a million times what your genetic background is and they always assume you’re 100% Irish.

Add to that a full suite of available contact options that include IM, chat and video, as well as email and personality profiling and here you have at your fingertips best forum for meeting your ideal redhead or ginger date.

The downside to being a redhead who online dates is that men are either attracted to red hair as a fetish or are terrified by the bad stereotypes that go along with it.

Some of these stereotypes are: quick-tempered, promiscuous, loud-mouthed and wild.

Hair color is neither a dealmaker nor dealbreaker for most men.

One thing guys often said to me was, “You stood out from the crowd.”It’s true, red hair will definitely get you noticed and bring attention.

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