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In-person conversations can result in additional benefits such as: longer term contracts in exchange for reduced rates, first-in-market test opportunities and exposure to proprietary analytics, insights, and product development updates.Tying the Knot: The Road to Becoming a Partner Like many marriages these days, media deals don’t last forever — but signing long-term contracts and creating partnerships are still important.While planners are probably not so concerned with what they’ll wear or how they’ll do their hair, the first meeting takes preparation and is an important part of the process.Planners need to consider the goals of the first meeting and prepare to have a meaningful conversation.

The First Date: A Lot Can Happen in 15 minutes Everyone is a little nervous on the first date.Remember that all good relationships take compromise, so there may be significant back-and-forth before the media plan is agreeable to both parties.The approval process can be slow, but it’s crucial to starting the relationship off on the right foot.The first meeting can result in the beginning of a beautiful relationship, or can fall short and leave no room for a second date.Most of us know within the first 15 minutes of a first date whether the person at the opposite end of the table has potential or not.

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