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The experiment contains 36 times an order of three pictures, of which the participant needs to select one as correct.

The order of these three pictures had to be one of the 6 possibilities for each of the 36 items (ABC, ACB etc), and I had to make three different versions.

I use to decide a sample population for individual studies.

Last month when I went to generate the numbers it appeared the site was gone - but you're back! Greetings, I just wanted to send you a note to say that we are using your web site to do random sampling for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance audits.

We include screen prints of your web site to document our selection universe and the random integers generated. I Googled onto your site to find a random number generator for my wife's Ph D dissertation.

More important to the students is the classroom jobs like setting up the technology each day, passing out folders, etc.

Fortunately for me I found the list randomiser on your website

I gave each possibility a number, entered all six numbers six times and clicked randomise.

I am a DOT Compliance Consultant in Chicago IL (USA).

I have several clients who are required to conduct random drug testing. I just donated to your favorite charity per your request and am notifying you of same per your request.

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