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I've been told that I'm attractive, and I did nothing to dissuade that impression with my chestnut brown hair tastefully flowing down my back and my beige pumps with 4 inch heels.My feet were aching, as the waiting area was packed to overflowing and there was not a seat to be had." I couldn't really refuse the conversation as we were not in "airplane mode" so I answered truthfully. "I'm visiting London for the first time myself so I'm not sure what to recommend." The business woman, who I thought had lost herself in her phone, unexpectedly joined the conversation. It's an amazing experience for someone as young as you."I just met a guy last month from London and I'm going back there to see him." I studied her face. I've actually been to London a dozen times and have a long list of things I'd do on a vacation, foremost the British Museum and the Egyptian antiquities collection. Most tourists will rush to see the Rosetta Stone but for me there's no question I'd start with the Egyptian antiquities collection.

I checked my favorite travel site for alternatives and discovered, not surprisingly, that there were no other non-stops to London until the following day, and that was with the carrier I was on. I had of course already checked my suitcase and my briefcase held only the papers from the meeting I attended earlier that day and my laptop.

Chapter One I had just finished a tour of Canadian cities, starting in Vancouver in mid-May, then Calgary, Edmonton and finishing up in Toronto in early June.

I was at the Toronto airport awaiting my flight to London.

***** Prologue Flying is definitely an exercise in masochism.

You know you are going to be hurt, yet you go back time and time again for more punishment. If you fly enough so that you really hate yourself the airline rewards you with - - a free flight. I'm a representative for a large pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland so I'm on the road more often than not.

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    Have you ever had to take a prince to meet his family in Harrod's while your stay-crease action-slacks are covered in muck? Since 2011 I've been travelling to China five or six times a year to teach the willing throngs how to behave here in the UK.

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    People with vaginismus are twice as likely to have a history of childhood sexual interference and held less positive attitudes about their sexuality, whereas no correlation was noted for lack of sexual knowledge or (non-sexual) physical abuse.