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Young Ste, his neighbor, is beaten by his father, and comes to sleep overnight.

They discover new feelings, sleeping in the same bed.

Mila and Cameron Story Codes: MFF Celebs Involved: Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz Author: Bonercreator69 This story is entirely fictitious and did not happen. However, there are also dark clouds hovering over the girls of Malibu as they begin their weekend of sin.

Thanks to Christina and Britney, the girls got this party started with an orgy aboard the pop sluts’ private jet, but things are only getting started and now that the girls have landed, things are about to get even naughtier.

If you are eager to be swept up in shallow emotionalism - or are an adolescent who can't help it - then you may love this movie. Finally, if this really is Booboo's "best performance to date", he might want to consider a different career while he's still young enough to change easily.

Only very young people who have seen very little of life and the world could be impressed by his performance in this movie.

His parents are in denial about several things, and are not communicating or dealing well with the loss, but then Chaz's best friends decide to become mentors to Nick. Yeah, you gonna be doctor, then marry doctor, then have baby someday gonna be doctor, or Mommy gonna die!

The stunt coordinator on the film, Nils Allen Stewart (as Nils Stewart) is the father of lead actor Booboo Stewart, whose birth name is Nils Allen Stewart, Jr. " See more » Just So Right Performed by Booboo Stewart and Fivel Stewart Written by Booboo Stewart, Nils Allen Stewart (as Nils Stewart), Henry Arroyo, Davin Baltazar and Nico Arranda Produced by James Lugo and Nils Allen Stewart (as Nils Stewart) Courtesy of Booboo Stewart and Fivel Stewart See more » Most of the other online reviews of White Frog seem to have been written by teenagers who have seen more TV than movies, so I'll try to give an adult perspective, in case any other adults are thinking about renting or buying this movie.

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The difficulties of identifying as a homosexual are shown through the intense pressure from friends, family, and bullies that are received by individuals of the film at all ends.One of the credited dancers is Fivel Stewart, the sister of the same lead actor. See more » : My mother died and I can STILL hear her. First of all, except for two of the adults, I had never before seen or heard of any of the actors in this movie. Others who rattle off other movies or TV shows these cast members have appeared in together, or refer to a "handsome teen idol cast" also leave me (and probably many other adults) clueless.So a statement like "Booboo Stewart gives, by far, his best performance to date" just leaves me puzzled. Second, I was not ever for even one second moved to tears while watching this movie. It is EXTREMELY sappy and manipulative - and painfully predictable.He looked down and mumbled all through the movie... Only in an adolescent TV universe could that be true.So I'd advise adults to look elsewhere and leave this movie to the kids, with their innocent enthusiasms and the rampant emotions that seethe just under the surface of their lives.

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