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It is a free package that runs on Windows, Linux and OSX as a provided library and executable with built-in examples and sample scripts as well as a development environment (using Visual Studio or mono, also freely available) that allows the user to compile their own quantum algorithms into an executable.

The package includes a 100-page user’s manual as well as over 700 pages of API documentation.

provides a modular software architecture for the simulation of quantum algorithms.

This tutorial will focus on: Abstract: I will describe the landscape of classical simulations of the quantum mechanics of materials, chemistry, and biology and the role that quantum information theory has played.

I will showcase the current state-of-the-art and highlight challenges, with some speculation as to where quantum computing may be important.

To unsubscribe, send an email from your preferred email address with the following message body: UNSUBSCRIBE QIP2017-DISCUSS First Name Last Name Abstract: Recent progress on quantum computing hardware, especially in superconducting qubit systems, highlights the need for practical programming models and tools for these first devices.

In particular, many near-term applications are quantum/classical hybrid algorithms, that treat the quantum computer as a co-processor.

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